Молодежное правозащитное Движение



Declaration of International Network on Students' Rights

We, students from different cities, countries and worlds, consider that:

- A genuine student movement, as any civil movement, would be impossible without aspiration for freedom and protection of human dignity.
An unfettered student spirit has been present in the student environment since time immemorial and it has always been striving for the enhancement of freedom both inside Alma Mater and in society outside.

- Student solidarity has no limits.
Student brotherhoods emerged and are still emerging unite people that hold the same view, friends and comrades with extremely different backgrounds.We consider it is important to support the existing student initiatives and express solidarity with those of us who suffer persecution for views or for expression of civil stand.

- The values of education and free creativity unite students.
The major purpose of students as creative personalities is the search for and manufacture of knowledge. University is neither an educational conveyor and nor an instrument for reproduction of ruling ideologies, it is rather an area for creativity, search and dialogue, gaining knowledge and creation of senses.
Everything started with goliards - wandering students of the Middle Ages - who were moving from town to town, from country to country in order to find true teachers, friends and adventures. Nowadays for promoting and maintaining the ideas of freedom, solidarity, education and creativity among students - present-day, former and future - we together with people holding the same views announce a desire to participate in the creation and development of International Network for Students Rights as a wide platform for joint actions, information exchange and mutual support.




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